Absolutely. The whole reason we designed this system was to help people without tech experience and software developers understand each other. We have tried our best to make everything visual and use analogues that contain the least amount of tech jargon possible. If anything at all is unclear, you’ve got our customer support to help you out.

First, it makes it a lot easier for you to get paid. Second, you get control over when your code is released. And third, there’s complete transparency between your work and the client – which means you don’t need to defend your work over and over to someone who doesn’t really understand all the effort put in. 

Like everything, quality ALWAYS matters. Poor quality code can break and causes issues when you want to make changes or updates. Good quality code is easy to change, effective, and accommodates for future pivots. That means you can keep building on top of your product without having to start over.

Our first iteration is a “light” escrow, but enough of a vault to guarantee that the transfer of money and code happens at the same time. Our second version will work in milestones with payment releases as you go.

Sure is! You can use the help link or support widget to find out more.

Right now we are still in closed beta testing. But please register your interest and we will reach out to learn more about your product and see we can fit in.

Not at the moment.  Our aim is to give you the communication tools to have a much more effective conversation with your tech providers. However, in the future as we build our HandL partners, we plan to provide services around pairing clients of HandL with the perfect developer for their needs.